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not feigning sleep国产精品久久久天天影视香蕉

Comments welcome... Make sure you read Part 1..--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My wife and her sister have fun 2She falls onto my chest; turns to Arif and whispers get a cloth...... My slowly deflating well spent cock; still inside my wife’s wet cum filled pussy; slowly slipping out. Laying dead still; not moving an inch; pretending to be asleep. Wondering what to do; still in the bliss of been sexually used (not that I am complaining). Arif returns with the cloth; Fats lying on my chest exhausted, legs still straddling my legs, her pussy leaking cum. My limp cock slips out with a plop; she takes the cloth from her sister; places it between her legs and slowly moves off me. I’m on my back lying there; cock soaked with pussy juice and cum, Fats whispers to Arif to grab the towel. The moonlight shedding light through the curtains; my eyes slightly open watching the sisters.Arif returns with the towel; my wife Fats makes her way to the bathroom. She whispers to Arif; “clean him up a bit”. She leaves the room, Arif slowly climbs the bed; towel in her hand. Silently and carefully she moves towards me. I’m watching her watch me; my eyes not visible to her, she puts out a hand and gently holds my limp cock. Slowly and gently she wipes my spent cock; her hand gently holding my cock; lightly she wipes. She moves closer; face inches from my cock, I feel her hot breath on my cock. Like she is wiping, I feel a flick on my cock head; a warm soft flick, through eyes barely open I watch as her tongue flicks over and across my cock head. Arif lowers her head and places my cock head into her waiting mouth. She moans as her hot soft lips engulf my cock head. Slowly she starts sucking; bringing my soft limp cock back to life; her hand gently stroking my shaft.Arif dressed in a long old T-shirt of mine; in a kneeling position next to me takes my hand and places it between her legs; she slowly lowers herself onto my open hand and gently rocks forward and back while sucking on my semi erect cock. I feel her wetness and hard clit lightly rubbing against my open hand. I raise the palm of my hand against her moving pussy; she lets out a moan; she stops sucking, in the darkness I see her looking at me.My hand still slightly elevated; her pussy still rocking forward and backwards she starts sucking my semi hard cock. Arif’s juices lubricating my hand making her pussy lips and hard clit slip easily over my slightly raised palm. She starts sucking harder; her grip on my hardening cock tighter, with each stroke she sucks harder. Still stroking my thick cock shaft she lifts her head; her pussy still moving against my hand; she lifts herself and straddles my legs. Her hand holding my cock; she moves forward. My hard cock trapped between her wet soaked pussy and my stomach, lodged between her wet soaking pussy lips; she moves her pussy over the base of my hard cock forward and backwards she moves her wet pussy. Her hard wet clit grazing and rubbing against my cock head she lifts herself and allows my cock head to slip through her wet soaking pussy hole. Grabbing my cock she flicks and rubs my cock head against her clit and slips the tip of my cock head into her soaked pussy hole. Slowly she lowers herself onto my cock head moaning as my hard cock slips into her. It’s almost as if she is savouring every moment of my cock slipping into her, the pleasure of her wet pussy lips being stretched by the girth of my erect cock. My cock now buried deep inside Arif’s wet soaked pussy; she slowly lowers and raises herself on my cock. I lay as still as can be; feigning sleep. Enjoying every second she bounces on my cock. She moves her hand between her legs and rubs her clit while sitting flat on my cock with it buried deep inside her wet pussy. To and fro she rocks; her breathing deeper and faster, little moans of pleasure escaping her lips. As she gives one final moan pushing harder down on my cock, Fats walks in the room. “What the fuck she says”. Arif moans in pleasure as her fingers caresses her clit faster, she turns to Fats: “I’m ccuuuuummmmiiiinnnnggggggg”.. I feel her pussy twitching, her legs shaking as her orgasm rips through her body. “Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh she cries out in ecstasy falling backwards between my open legs. My cock hard and deeply imbedded in her wet soaked throbbing pussy. Fats walks closer to the bed saying: “That is so hot; it makes me wet just looking at the two of you”. With my hard fat cock embedded in her sisters wet pussy, getting no action I slowly start thrusting my hips.. “UUUuuuuurrrrhhhgggg Arif moans” as I push my cock slowly in and out her wet slit. Fats then climb onto the bed, in her vest and her naked pussy. She lies on her back her pussy close to Arif, watching my hard cock slip in and out. She puts her hand between her legs while watching my cock penetrate her sister’s pussy. Arif reaches her hand out and caresses Fats hand which is rubbing her sloppy wet slit. I’m thrusting my hips, pushing my hard cock deeper into Arif’s soaking wet slit. All these emotions running through my mind, the smell of sex in the air, my cock buried inside my wife’s sister’s tight pussy. I reach out and hold Arif’s waist, pulling her down as I thrust my hard cock into her. A moment of silence; none of the sisters moved. Everyone dead silent, I continued thrusting my cock into Arif, hands pulling her down. Fats my wife moved away from our bodies, her hand still between her legs. I pulled Arif off and onto her side with her back facing me. I turned onto my side; lifting her leg, I placed my leg between her legs,啊灬啊别停灬用力啊老师 pushing my cock forward and slowly rubbing it through her slit. She reaches between her legs takes hold of my cock and dips my cock head into her pussy. I push my cock into her wet pussy. Moaning in pleasure as I start pumping furiously in and out her soaked pussy. Not caring anymore, not feigning sleep, basically not caring. Pushing my cock deeper into her; I stop the assault, slowly I thrust my hips forward and back, pulling the tip of my cock till the entrance of her pussy hole and slowly pushing back into her. I push her onto her stomach, my hard cock still deep inside her, now I am on top of her. Fats laying watching, hand slowly stroking her clit, looking at me, watching me fuck her sister. I pull Arif at her hips towards me, she on all four with each trust I pull her towards me, pushing my cock deeper into her. Fats still caressing her clit, she opens her legs wider, Arif touches her leg, pulling it wider apart. She removes Fats hand from slit, as my cock slips into her wet pussy. With Fats pussy inches away from Arif’s face; she lifts herself, pushing her pussy into Arif’s mouth. Without hesitation Arif starts kissing and licking her clit, Fats holds Arif head, pushing head harder into her pussy. I pick up the pace; pushing my hard cock deeper into Arif’s wet slit, Fats thrusting her pussy against Arif’s lips, “AAAArrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhshe moans” I lost all sense and emptied my hot cum into Arif’s pussy. Spurt after spurt of cum, my hands pulling Arif tight against me. My cock buried deep inside of her, till the last of my cum squirted inside her.

“故事是非线性的,所以你可以选择如何书写属于你自己的故事,在这个共享的开放世界中国产精品久久久天天影视香蕉,你可以选择探索也可以推动剧情发展。”Rod Fergusson说。


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