" Anna sighed国产精品久久久久影院亚瑟

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" Anna sighed国产精品久久久久影院亚瑟

Hello. My name is Dan and my daughter, Anna, is always busy. She works tirelessly at school, works a part time job at the local grocery store, helps me and her mother around the house, and still finds time to pleasure herself. Somehow, I have a feeling that it's the other way around-- she pleasures herself constantly, then finds time to do things around the house and at school.Anna is always stuck up in her room on that laptop of hers, and I know exactly what she's doing in there. I can hear the small squeaks from her mattress, the low moans and whimpers, the slightest noises of a woman being pounded by a thick cock even though her volume is turned down real low. Every time I hear those tell-tale signs, I feel my cock beginning to grow. By the time she stops to get ready for work, my shorts are soaked with pre-cum and sticking to me.As usual, my daughter came through the door and went straight to her room, the slam of a door following her. Or so I was expecting... Instead, I heard the door tap against its frame softly. Today I could hear her sighs as she undressed herself.My eyes closed as I pictured her soft hands unclasping her lace decorated bra from her milk-white breasts, caressing the swells as the cloth fell away from them. Her hands teasing her pink nipples were like a video playing on the backs of my eyelids. I didn't have to open my eyes to see that my cock had begun to harden.The sharp gasp I heard from down the hall brought my eyes to open long enough to check if she was behind me. When I saw that she wasn't, I felt a mixed emotion of relief and sadness: relief that I did not have to hide my tent and sadness at not being able to show her.Her groaning mattress was followed by the start-up bing of her laptop. Within minutes I could hear her moans mix with the slapping sounds of her wet, open pussy being rubbed.By now my cock had been leaking and was begging to pop out against the zipper of my jeans. I was quickly learning that jeans made me hornier because of their restrictions. Then I heard those beautiful words slamming into my ears."Ohh daddy," Anna sighed, the springs in her mattress squeaking as if she was pushing her hips with extra force. My mind reeled with thoughts of what this could possibly mean: did she want me? Was she really fantasizing about me? Did the word have no connections with me? Did my daughter want me?I could not tell you what forced me to do what I did next,少妇无码太爽了不卡在线视频 but I will never regret it. My eyes were no longer closed but were now wide open, looking inside the crack of my little girl's door. What I saw tested my silence. Her laptop was off to the side, showing a woman being ravaged by two men, one on each end, my daughter's bright blond hair fanned out against her pillow, her blue eyes clenched tight, head thrown back with an open, panting mouth. Just seeing the line of perspiration around her hairline, I could see that she really needed the release today. Whether my guess was right or wrong, my cock throbbed at the thought of me giving her that physical release with her rippling walls gripping my meat.My coarse hands were stroking and cupping hairy balls as I let my eyes drink my daughter's lust filled body in. Her breasts were pushed together with the side of her left arm while her right hand was busy teasing her nipples (I was astonished by this later on when I realized that she was right handed). The sweet smell of her open slit filled my nostrils as I stared at her hips thrust up in passion, her fingers frantically rubbing her clitoris as pussy juices dripped down into the cleavage of her toned ass cheeks. With every swipe and circle of her nimble fingers, her slick mound made a slopping suction noise.I could see the muscles in her stomach contracting as her hips humped into her hand desperately. The swell of her formed tits jiggling with every movement, with every brush of her fingers. The sight of my daughter forced my hand to grab my aching cock and stroke as fast as I could. I wanted to come with her; I wanted to share that moment with my daughter.Her moans were beginning to turn into whimpers as she listened to the woman in the video being ordered to spread her legs wider and moaning in response. She was so close to the edge that her whimpers sometimes were only the silent cavern of her beautiful full lips opened wide. Her thrusts were going faster now - faster than my old body could ever possibly go - and her tits bounced along with her.My hand was in synch with her thrusts and I could definitely empathize as to why she was so close."Oh daddy! Fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl daddy! Fuck my tight little pussy!" Anna begged and moaned as her body visibly tensed, releasing a flood of pussy juices to roll out of her hole and down her crevice. Her words had forced my cock to swell and release copious amounts of cum splashing against the palm of my hand, and I was sure I had made some audible noise. Any noise that I had made though were clearly covered by my daughter's pleas and the sound of the woman telling her lovers that she was so full of their thick cocks.My cock now limp, I watched idly as my daughter continued to rub her soaking pussy. I finally decided that I had watched enough and backed away from her door, heading back to my place on the couch.



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